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Stimulant Medicine

Stimulant Medicine

We are offering Stimulant Medicine, which is a highly effective sex tonic that is safe to use. These Stimulant Medicines are formulated using natural herbs, which help to stimulate the male and female without leaving any side effects on the body.

Benefits :
  • Tone up the function of entire body system
  • Improves general health and natural sex desire
  • Stimulates sex desire and provide power to satisfy it in natural way
  • Corrects libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and post-coital fatigue

Notification :
  • Does not contain Harmful Bhasma, Narcotics, Toxic, Irritants, & Prohibited Drugs
  • Fundamental physiological requirement for males & females of any age as a general tonic too
  • Useful for both ladies and gents
  • Beneficial for all above 35 years age

Dosage :
  • 1 to 2 tablet at bed time with milk